How it works

Customers, Testimonials, Doctors, Studies & Trials report White Cold Sore Inhibitor & Color Viral Inhibitor Pro ~ZAP~ DISRUPT viral attacks, ELIMINATE sores, REDUCE recurrences, intensity & duration & Early Applications at tingling, PREVENT blisters & STOP symptoms.

  • Place cap over base for better grip. Replace cap over probes when finished.
  • Clean lipstick, gloss, balm, lotions, oils, etc. from lips, afflicted area & from rounded probe tips.
  • Press probes across cleaned afflicted area, then push and release RED start-button.
  • Timed signals flow one direction lighting a color, reverses direction lighting other color & off.
  • May feel harmless electro tickle & mild shock-like sensation at reversal. Wet skin to increase.
  • Apply Viral Inhibitor 8-Times Daily. Repeat Half-Hourly if early & tingling, Hourly if late & sores.
  • All colors on, skin too Wet, stops. Dry, Re-Apply!


ECONOMICAL! Enclosed, Battery may exceed use-by-date. The Cold Sore Inhibitor may perform for a few years in light-use (cold sores), or up to a year in heavy-use (shingles), with Economy of over A THOUSAND APPLICATIONs/only Pennies per ~ZAP~/for Years.

Warranty: White-Model 90-days, Color-Model 1-year; Extended Warranty available. INHIBIT Cold Sores/Fever Blisters – Oral Herpes Simplex I (light-use), PREVENT blisters Early at tingle or ELIMINATE in hours-days not weeks-months, Normal application.

CURTAIL Simplex II – Genital Herpes Sores (heavy-use). Sensations may seem
more intense. Genital moisture may turn on all lights, Dry & Re-Apply. Pre-lesion burning symptoms may vary and require immediate Normal applications to PREVENT sores.

VIBaseCapLabelALLEVIATE Shingles – Herpes Zoster (heavy-use), STOP pain, rash and blisters with Criss-Cross pattern. Multiple sites require more applications taking more time.

RELIEVE Molluscum – Herpes Contagium (heavy-use), Apply Normal & ELIMINATE
painful hard pearly white papules. Difficult to detect but early PREVENTS.

REMOVE Warts, Moles & Growths – Herpes Papilloma Condyloma (heavy-use),
Wet skin to increase conduction & Apply 4-Star pattern around each wart, mole or
growth. Continue consistently over several months as they shrink away.
Disposable: to reduce viral contamination transfer on self and to others!

-TEST-: Touch metal or coin to probe sides, push & release RED start-button.

All color lights ON indicate proper operation. Now probe tips on coin & restart.

ll lights mean clean probes, or gently rub rounded tips with cloth & alcohol.

Enclosed not sealed, don’t expose Viral Inhibitor to liquids. Prevent contagious viral transfer. Cleaning, alcohol or sterilizing may not eliminate viruses from surfaces. Don’t share, each needs their own personal Viral Inhibitor!

Manufacturer warrants Viral Inhibitor applies less than 10 volts across and less than 10 milliamps between probes and makes no claims for efficacy in use, nor supports views expressed on this website nor in other promotions.

Outbreak Variants

Cold Sores/Fever Blisters – Oral Herpes Simplex-I

INHIBIT Oral blisters! TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! Smile Again!

PREVENT Ugly Blisters, Disgusting blemishes, sores, or scars. STOP Embarrassment, ELIMINATE Fear, avoiding others, questions, teasing, & funny looks. No salves, cosmetics, band-aids, pills, doctors & NO side effects! Over A THOUSAND APPLICATIONs/~ZAPs~ / for Years!

A Plague of Fever Blisters in ancient Rome, caused Emperor Tiberius to ban kissing. Cold Sores, old as time.
Symptoms, irritation, tingling, itching, burning, redness, pain, fever, tightness & swelling. Blisters on mouth may take weeks to heal. Viruses retreat into nerves until re-triggered by nervousness, stress, fever, sun, etc.

Transmission, Cold Sores occur over 50% in population. Often acquired in youth, highly contagious from initial tingling until blisters heal.

Simplex-II – Genital Herpes Sores

Alleviate Genital sores! TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! Live Again!
PREVENT Simplex-II Genital Herpes & ELIMINATE emotional Humiliation. Herpes viruses frequently recur like the common cold. THOUSANDS OF APPLICATIONs/pennies per ~ZAP~, for Years! You are not alone: Nationally, 75 million 9 & older (1 in 4) suffer genital herpes. Common in females & black males.

Symptoms may be pronounced & severe. Symptoms, 2-10 days, blisters or open weeping lesions, weeks-months. Itching & burning in genital area. Small red infection bumps.

  • Pain in legs, buttocks, genitals & urinating
  • Blisters & painful open weeping lesions
  • Pressure & discomfort around stomach
  • Flu-like symptoms & fever
  • Headache & muscle aches Swollen glands, Vaginal & Penile discharge

Shingles – Herpes Zoster Varicella

CURTAIL Agony! TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! Start Living Again!

DISRUPT Shingles! Weak immune system, illness, trauma & stress triggers dormant Chicken Pox in nerves. Common over age 50.

Initial stinging, skin sensitivity, tingling, burning & raw pain. Within a few days, a red rash usually appears at the site. For weeks, pox like blisters may form, bleed, pus and scab. Occasionally, there is pain without blisters or vice versa.

Frequently Affected Areas
Like Chicken Pox, Shingles spreads to several areas, face, arms, ribs, back, torso, legs, buttocks & genital area. Blisters on face may spread to eyes and cause serious damage. See an ophthalmologist. If blisters become infected, see a dermatologist. Infected blisters can scar; notably in elderly and those with weak immune systems.

Viral Transmission
The Shingles Virus is transmitted by blisters to others not previously infected with Chicken Pox, such as infants.

Molluscum – Herpes Contagion

RELIEVE Pain! TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! Be Comfortable Again!
ELIMINATE Molluscum Contagiosum Virus (MCV) of Pox family, small hard Pearl White Papules in lesions/bumps on genital or other areas. Common in children, now also a sexually transmitted disease in adults.

Symptoms: itching & tenderness, lasting 2 weeks to several years. Hard pearly-white, gray-white or yellow-pink papules in lesions that begin as small red bumps, becoming larger & more painful over time. Lesions occur on face, legs, arms, trunk, lower abdomen, thighs, buttocks, anal region, groin, labia & scrotum.

Viral Transmission: skin-to-skin contact with highly contagious open weeping lesions on contaminated clothing & towels, commonly on toilets in public bathrooms & swimming pools.

Warts, Moles, Growths – Herpes Papilloma, Condyloma

REMOVE Unsightly sores! TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! Look Good! Shrink warts,Skin,Genital. THOUSANDS of APPLICATIONs/~ZAPs~

1. SKIN Warts, Moles & Growths – Herpes Papilloma HPV: small, flat, single or clustered & take years to form. Inflamed Plantar warts on soles of feet are painful. Viral Transmission is by skin contact to self, though not very contagious to others. Duct Tape wart study disappoints, works 21%. 19Mar07,

REMOVE Herpes Papilloma, ~ZAP~/Apply, VIP – Viral Inhibitor Pro 4 times in 4-Star pattern on growth edge, Hourly, up to 8-Times Daily. Wet skin for strong signal. Continue for months to shrink, even tendrils, without scars. Be Patient, they took time to form.

2. GENITAL Warts – Herpes Condyloma: fleshy growths, flattened or mounds, upward outward extensions; sensitive, itch or burn. An estimated 6 million cases of genital warts occur yearly in the US. Genital Warts viruses are categorized by risk of cancer to cervix, etc. Viral Transmission is very contagious, direct skin-to-skin contact

About the Inventor

Chester HeathWho is the Inventor? First & only portable hand-held; invented, developed, funded, produced & marketed by Chester A. HEATH.

Who is Chester A. HEATH? Resume. Retired full professor, electronics engineering technology; graduate registered electrical engineer; research: engineer, biomedical; nuclear, missile, telemetry; Pilot, commercial, instrument. A background & professional foundation to invent, design, produce & market Inhibitor.

Why was the Inhibitor invented? Having had Cold Sores for over 50 years, HEATH finally found real reliable relief.