Our Warranty to You

Limited Warranty: To the exclusion of all other Warranties, including but not limited to Warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability, the Warranty is strictly limited to Replacement of the Cold Sore Inhibitor within 90-days (White, Consumer, Light Use, Cold Sore, 2lights Model) or strictly limited to Replacement of the Viral Inhibitor Pro within 1-year (Color, Professional, Heavy Use, All Herpes, 4lights Model) of purchase in the event of a defect in workmanship or material, provided it is free of customer abuse, tampering, or damage.

Extended Warranty: ORDER NOW above, within 30-days purchase, extended warranty to 1 or 2-years for Cold Sore Inhibitor (White-Consumer-Light Use-Cold Sore-2lights-Model), Economical, over A THOUSAND APPLICATIONs/pennies per ~ZAP~/for years, or to 2 or 3-years for Viral Inhibitor Pro (Color-Professional-Heavy Use-Herpes All-4lights-Model), Economical, THOUSANDS of APPLICATIONs/only pennies per ~ZAP~/for years!

TEST– your personal Inhibitor for proper operation.

Keep Receipt: Keep your receipt for proof and date of warranty, Return

Never Immerse: Do not immerse the CSI – Cold Sore Inhibitor or VIP – Viral Inhibitor Pro in liquids, sink or dishwasher. Although your Viral Inhibitor is enclosed to reduce contamination, it is nearly impossible to seal it. It is enclosed, not sealed.