Questions and Answers


What is an Inhibitor? Hi technology & quality, small & hand-held, thousands use to prevent, stop & eliminate blisters. Patented Beta electro signals ~ZAP~/disrupt Herpes.

Will it work for me? Used early at tingling/burning, prevents sores, blisters, open lesions; report Customers, Testimonials, Doctors, Studies & Trials.

Which viruses are inhibited? Applied correctly, Users report near 100% effectiveness on Herpes: Cold Sores, Fever Blisters, Genital Lesions, Shingles, Molluscum, Planter Warts, Genital Warts, Moles, Growths, etc.

When was it first sold and how many? Production in May 2002, nearly 20,000 sold.

What models are available to me? Two Models are available for sale.

  • CSI – COLD SORE INHIBITOR: Economical White-Light Use Model. Designed for light use for over 2 years on Cold Sores. Works on other Herpes sores.
  • VIP – VIRAL INHIBITOR PRO: Deluxe Color-Heavy Use Model. Designed for heavy use for over 3 years on all Herpes. Long lasting, on multiple sites:  Genital, Shingles, Molluscum, Warts, Moles, Growths & heavy Cold Sores.